Aer Statio fragrance of Patchouli


Manipura Ayurveda has introduced a unique World Class product ‘AER STATIO’ – the perfect solution for all sanitization problems. It makes you free from the headache of regular sanitation and provides you germs free environment 24×7 with therapeutic values of Natural Essential Oils. It helps to reduce stress, increase concentration & focus, cure headache & anxiety & develop good emotions. AER STATIO is a unique combination of Proven Science (Lab Tested) and Nature. We have made this unique product as per W.H.O. recommended guidelines and chemical composition from EPA (United State Environment Protection Agency). And presenting the same for the First Time In the World. The product is USDA approved, safe for human and NABL certified which approves that it provides 99.99% germs protection within 5 minutes. This Gem product kills virus/ bacteria/microbes in air and on surface too without human interference with our Humidifier and Smart Scent Machine and spreads Natural Aroma of your choice.


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