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We are Trusted Name in production of Natural Essential oil.We have kept alive the ancient philosophy of creating a balance among body,mind and soul. We have Introduced 100% pure and finest range of products for mankind. we are known for producing a wide range of unadulterated cold-pressed & steam distilled essential oil, spice oil, traditional Indian attars, and other allied products.

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We will find the right fragrance, which meets your profile and explore how scent can change your ambiance and the business! Scents are related to memory and can drive your emotions. Combined with an effective surrounding, scent can leave long-lasting impressions on people’s mind. It is proved that nearly 75% of our emotions are driven by smell.

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Fragrance Marketing For Hotel & Restrurent

Ever wondered why inviting fragrances gracefully wafts through luxury hotel lobbies? Scents influence your mood, feelings, and memories. It can be a powerful tool in business, especially in the hotel industry, as it has a profound effect on consumer behavior. With the right scent, you can set a positive impression the moment guests walk into your hotel lobby. It can set the tone for their entire stay. At the same time, scents can enhance your guest satisfaction levels. 

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Fragrance for Office Productivity

Scent marketing is a powerful tool to help offices and corporate buildings create an atmosphere that drives productivity.  Offices can often be stale and uninspiring. Why work in a space that stifles your company image and best work? When you optimize your office with a fragrance you gain greater control over the perception and productivity of your organization.  Make an outstanding first impression. Communicate your company ethos from the moment visitors and employees walk through the door. 

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Fragrance for Healthcare Industry

What comes to mind when you hear the word “hospital”? Do you feel that very distinctive smell…

Most people are reluctant to go to hospitals due to the poor ambiance delivered by the smells associated with them. The smell of floor cleaners, medicines, and other chemical solutions makes waiting for a consultation difficult. With this being the case, hospitals must take special care to provide a healthy and relaxed experience to the patients

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The fragrance offers a powerful means of making services tangible. Smells are more quickly and strongly associated with memories than visual or audio cues because smell is the only sense directly connected to the brain’s limbic system, which connects emotions and memories. we MANIPURA  AYURVEDA ensures to offer high-quality fine fragrances along with its most innovative and state of art designs  Fragrance diffusers.

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